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Ashbourne Primary Computing experts!
All the photographs to show you what we are up to computing can be found here!

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The national curriculum for computing aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation
  • can analyse problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems
  • can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems
  • are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.

Using technology in EYFS

We use a range of software on the Interactive Whiteboard

We can use simple programs on the computer. 





We know how the internet allows people to communicate in different ways.

We have been learning how different words might produce different search results.

We needed to decide which information was reliable.