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School Clubs

Throughout the year, the children are encouraged to lead lunch time clubs under the supervision of staff members. A list of these clubs is detailed below. we recommend that children show independence to sign themselves up. This gives our older pupils the opportunity to experience leadership and planning while our younger pupils can identify with the leaders as role models.

Our after school sport club partners this year will be Derby County Community Trust and Progressive Sports. Club letters are available to download below.

Mr. Peach will also be leading sports clubs at lunchtime and before school in preparation for the competitive Primary Sport Calendar.

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Ashbourne Primary School

Lunchtime and after school clubs 2017/18

Blue = lunchtime clubs

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Autumn 1 5/6 Football 5/6 Girls’ Football


DCCT 3/4 Football Golf – £3 per session £15 for block Free Running (KS2) £3 per session £18 for block Running Club – 50p

Dance enrichment

Autumn 2 5/6 Football 5/6 Girls’ Football 1/2/3 GITD Dodgeball £4 per session £24 for block


Running Club – 50p

Dance enrichment

Spring 1 5/6 Sportshall Athletics 5/6 Netball (Hi 5)  5/6 Girls’ Football 5/6 GITD Dodgeball £4 per session £20 for block


Running Club – 50p

Dance enrichment

DCCT Sportshall Athletics (KS2) £3 per session £15 for block

Spring 2 3/4 Netball (Hi 5) 5/6 Netball (Hi 5) Archery (KS2) £3 per session £15 for block Running Club – 50p

4/5/6 Gymnastics £3 per session £12 for block

Summer 1 3/4 Netball


Quad Kids 5/6 1/2/3 Gymnastics £3 per session £18 for block Orienteering (KS2) £3 per session £18 for block Running Club – 50p


Summer 2 Quad Kids 3/4 Quad Kids 5/6 1/2 Multi Sports £3 per session £18 for block Yoga (all) £3 per session £18 for block


Running Club – 50p


 After School Sports Clubs Letters

Derby County Community Trust – Y3/4 Football Golf/Football Tennis/Football Cricket

Progressive Sports KS2 Parkour

Progressive Sports Y1/2/3 Glow in the dark dodgeball

Progressive Sports Y 5/6 Glow in the dark dodgeball

Derby County Community Trust Sportshall Athletics

Progressive Sport KS2 Archery

Year 4/5/6 Gymnastics

Progressive Sport KS2 Orienteering

Derby County Community Trust Gymnastics 1,2,3

Running Club Letter

Running Club Letter

Rural Derbyshire Sportshall Pentathlon Easter Holiday Event

Year 3/4 Sportshall Pentathlon Course

Child Led Clubs

Day  Club Adult/children Age Group
Monday Newspaper Finlay Ford, Kayleigh Likeman, Edward Waring

Miss Garratt – 4G

Tuesday Street Dance William and Phoebe

Miss Davis – 1/2D

Year 4 and 5
Tuesday Film Gracie Deacon, Jessie Green and Kiera K

Mrs Dell – 6S

Wednesday Choir Mrs Fellows All


Wednesday Games Club Ewan Rennie, Albie Thornley, Milo Hyde

Mrs Oldrini – 5O

Thursday Drawing Lee H, Malachy P, Alfie B

Mrs Adams – 6D

Friday Lego Jordan Day and Rocco Hyde

Miss Rogers – 4R

Friday Art Zone Roseanna Gilchirst, Hannah and Milly O

Mrs Shaw- Reception

Reception, Y1 and Y2
Friday (before school) Running club Mr Peach and Miss Durose Y1 – Y6