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Online Safety

At Ashbourne Primary School we are committed to keeping children safe and this includes online safety.

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Pupils regularly use computing equipment regularly as part of their learning. Pupils in all year groups receive training in their Computing lessons about how to keep themselves safe in the online world. These sessions are supplemented with age appropriate assemblies at various times throughout the year.

Please find below our esafety scheme of work and our school leaflets on how to keep your children safe at home.

Assemblies for parents

We have been running a series of workshops and assemblies for parents. If you have been unable to attend these, please read the powerpoint slides.

Year Group Assembly Powerpoint

Set up Parental Controls

These leaflets are designed to help you to set up controls on your child’s devices. Please let us know if would like further guidance.

Step by step controls for apple ipad

Step by step controls for PS4

Step by step controls for YouTube

Online safety feb 2016

Social media guidance for parents

Staying safe online year 3 letter to parents

Letter to year 4 – games films apps

Leaflets for Parents

Additional Advice Online Child Exploitation

Advice for Parents on Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying E-Safety Leaflet

Gaming E-Safety Leaflet

Parental Guidance – Social Media

Social Media Guidance – Parents

Social Networking E-Safety Leaflet

Online safety magazine Edition 9

Online Safety Scheme of Work

Ashbourne Primary School Online Safety Scheme of Work 2018

Online Safety Year 1

Online Safety Year 2

Online Safety Year 3

Online Safety Year 4

Online Safety Year 5

Online Safety Year 6