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Year 3/4 Class Page

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Welcome to the year 3/4 page
Our teachers are Mrs Oldrini and Miss Garratt

Our topic for Summer 2 is The Vikings! We are going to explore Viking life and read about Beowulf!

On Friday 24th May, some year 3 and 4 children visited Waterstones in Derby. We were given a tour by the children’s expert and we explored the children’s fiction and non-fiction books. At the end we were even able to buy a book! It was a great morning! 

Our topic for Summer 1 is Rivers!

We will be learning all about rivers and famous ones across the world. We will have a ‘Rivers Day’ down at the Henmore looking at the velocity and wildlife of the river and hone our sketching skills. 

In Literacy we will be exploring a new book – all will be revealed during week 1! At the end of this half term, we will look at a range of poems and create our own river poetry, bringing the river to life using figurative language!

In maths we are continuing our long unit on fractions and moving into decimals where we will learn about tenths and hundredths as well as money. 

In Science we be looking at states of matter, exploring what solids, liquids and gases are.

In PE we are learning skills for cricket and rounders. 

Grow Your Own Lunch

30.4. 19

Year 3 and 4 planted lettuce and peas to celebrate Grow Your Own Lunch week! We can’t wait to see how they grow!

Big Art! 

This term year 3 and 4 have been developing our drawing skills. We looked at proportions for faces and ways of creating textures. On the 12.4.19 each class created a collaborated piece of the Mona Lisa to apply what we’ve learned. 


Rock Steady Music concert 11.4.19

Today the children who have had the Rocksteady Music tuition performed to the whole school in their bands. Well done to May in 3/4O who was lead singer and Ewan in 3/4G who played guitar in their bands. 

Year 4 An Emoji Easter Story 11.4.19

Year 4 performed their Emoji Easter Story at St John’s yesterday. The children spoke with confidence and it was lovely to see so many year 4s get involved and challenge themselves to speak in front of the whole school and parents!

Year 3 outdoor afternoon 9.4.19

Year 3 loved our outdoor session with Mr Moon. The children were challenged in groups to design and create their own assault course. This required team work, patience and listening skills! The children had a brilliant time and it was great to see them work so well in their groups. Here is an example of one of their successful courses which we all tried!

Science Day – 5.4.19

We explored circuits, investigating which circuits would allow electricity to flow and which wouldn’t. We had to switch components such as bulbs, motors, buzzers and batteries and persevere when the circuit didn’t work first time! In the afternoon we had a STEM session with Rolls Royce. The children had to create a Mars Lander ensuring their ‘astronaut’ didn’t smash and land safely on the surface of Mars!


 Our topic for Spring 2 is Italy!

We learning all about landmarks and in art will be doing a ‘Big Art’ class piece of the Mona Lisa. On Tuesday 2nd of April we will share our Italian homework with our parents in our Italian pop up restaurant!

In literacy we are reading Ted Hughes’ How the Whale became and other short stories. We have immersed ourselves in the stories and have been creating our own versions. Our retelling is really improving! Come into class and see our word collector jars and all the fantastic language we are collecting from our reading!

In  sessions we are reading Ice Palace by Robert Swindells.  So far, we have explored the sights and sounds of the setting, asking questions such as ‘I wonder….’ and ‘I think…’, as well as thinking of what other stories we’re reminded of.

In Numeracy we have done a long unit on written methods for multiplication and division. We are becoming times table rockstars too! Come and see our leaderboard outside 3/4O and 3/4G. We are about to start a 3 week block on Fractions!

3/4O’s Story Time Book this half term is Matlida by Roald Dahl


Trip to Magna Science Centre 12/03/19

We had a fantastic time at Magna as the close to our Natural Disasters topic. We got to see the forces of the earth in action such as tornadoes and the power of water. 

Exploding our volcanoes 15/03/19 – after designing and creating our own volcanoes



Our topic for Spring 1 is Natural Disasters!
The children will learn the cause and effect of natural disasters including: volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes. We will read I survived the Tsunami in literacy. We absolutely loved these stories and even now we love retelling them! These books are fantastic as they teach us so much about the past and other countries too!

Life Bus – January 30th

We were so lucky today to have the Life Bus visit – we learned all about the body including what our bodies need to survive and that we have 656 muscles in our bodies. We looked at healthy lifestyles and how to make healthy choices.

We also looked at ingredients for healthy friendships and created solutions for friendship problems. 

Science Day – Sound – January 25th

We had a fantastic day learning all about what sounds are and how sound travels! We experimented with sounds too and learned all about how we can change the pitch of instruments.



Indoor PE is on Monday afternoons for 3/4G and Wednesdays for 3/4O. Year 3 will go swimming on Thursday afternoons and year 4 will do outdoor PE with Miss Garratt. 




In year 3/4 we will be learning German.